How do I start a build? 

          Visit the CONTACT page and let us know what model you're interested in. Within 24 hours we'll get back to you and ask you a few questions as well as send you a build sheet to fill out, once we have that we can give you a detailed price estimate. If you're ready to go forward, we'll ask for a non-refundable deposit and we'll start working on your new guitar.  We have several payment options including installment payments. Payments sent towards a build are non-refundable once the build is started. 

Do you take trades towards builds? 

                     Sure, Contact us and let us know what you have and we'll talk

 Do you ship overseas to Europe, Japan etc..?  

            All the time.. customer pays actual shipping costs

Can you send me pictures every step of the way? 

            Understand that we are extremely busy and this just isn't possible. Every minute we spend in front of the computer is another minute we aren't working on your guitar. We will send you periodic updates, and occasional pictures at milestones, but we would much rather be working in the shop so you can get your instrument as soon as possible.

How long will I be waiting? 

          Build times are currently at about 5 months, If your instrument's finished sooner you can bet she'll be shipped. This is how long it takes to allows time for the lacquer to dry properly, for the aging process to be completed, & for every aspect of the build to be performed to the highest level of quality. Please know that we don't want you to have to wait for your build either. :)

What if I don't know exactly what I want? 

          As long as you can pick a style and a color we can walk you through every other aspect of your build and help you make decisions that will work perfectly for you. Pickups, neck shape, fret size, etc., we're here for you. 

Do you make left handed Revelator guitars? 

         Can't you just flip it upside down? Just kidding, absolutely we do, we'd love to build you one!

Do your guitars ship with a case?  

           Yes. We currently supply Logo'd Revelator Levi's soft gig bags with all of our guitars.  

Do you offer artist discounts? 

          Occasionally... We have very specific requirements for our endorsing artists, we love you, but just because you have a YouTube account does not mean you're a superstar. Contact us, send us your bio and we'll look it over and make a decision.

What pickups do you use? 

          Lollar, Arcane, McNelly, Porter, David Allen, Peter Florence/Voo Doo, Brandon Wounds, Onamac Windery,. & more. 

​​Do you make your own bodies?

         Yes, but it depends on the model,... some we do, some not.

Will you put a Fender logo on my neck?      No, no & no...

Do you use a Fender head stock shape on your necks,.. will you put a Fender head stock shape on my neck etc., etc..?

          See above... 

     We have the utmost respect for Leo 's legacy and Fender and will by no means compromise any of their copyrights